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June 17, 2002
Henley Rags On Courtney

From the "and you smell bad too" department, we have Don Henley mincing no words whatsoever regarding his opinion of Ms. Love.

Check out the Vancouver Sun story by Kerry Gold:
Eagles still test the limits .

As for Courtney Love, who's also waging battle with the recording industry for the same reasons, Henley is quick to separate himself from the loud-mouthed grunge rocker turned Hollywood actor.

"She's not a part of our group, nor do we want her to be, because she's a pain in the ass, and she's a loose cannon. She's her own worst enemy."

But Henley's not finished.

"She's an asshole, okay? I can't say it any plainer than that. She is a huge asshole. She's bright but she's wasting it, because she's so interested in being a personality that that is all she can think about.

"God knows we have enough image problems to overcome as it is. Artists are known for being flakey, and mindless and self absorbed... and Courtney doesn't help us in that arena."

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