June 03, 2002
Seeding Good Feelings Towards Genetically-altered Food

Some agricultural biotechnology interests (Monsanto and Syngenta) have found a new humanitarian ways of dodging the real concerns surrounding the use of biogenetically-altered plants in food crops.

Cultivating a New Image: Firms Give Away Data, Patent Rights on Crops,
by Justin Gillis for the Washington Post.

But the long-term environmental impact of the crops remains a serious question. Many scientists wonder whether foreign genes inserted into crops can spread to the wild relatives of those plants, doing some kind of unforeseen environmental damage.

In fact, several incidents have suggested that the ag bio companies, whatever their intentions, won't be able to control where their altered genes wind up. Agricultural biotechnology's biggest debacle to date occurred when an altered crop called Starlink corn, approved only for use as animal food, turned up in the human food supply, forcing widespread recalls of taco shells and other products.

That mess forced all the biotechnology companies to pledge never to put a crop on the market for animal use only, because it would be certain to wind up in the human food supply. For similar reasons, many American farmers are worried about Monsanto's efforts to commercialize a genetically engineered wheat. The farmers, though they may support biotechnology in principle, are afraid the altered wheat will taint the entire American crop in the eyes of foreign buyers.

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Nobody knows what biogenetically altered food does to our environment OR our bodies. It is a new science, SO KEEP IT OUT OF OUR FOOD!! Nobody asked us as consumers or muchless informed us of what was and is being done to our food! We have the freedom of choice and we have the human right to know what's being done to our foods! We have made it this far with natural food, DO NOT MESS WITH IT!!!!!!!

Posted by: Camryn on January 21, 2003 07:34 PM

Let them grow it all they want just put lables on the food so not every one has to eat it. It is harting the enviorment in many ways. We will have super bugs and weeds that are resitant to pesticides and poisons. Then what we will do if a diesaes hits of a natural disater and it kills all the plants. That will be a big mess.

Posted by: Em on October 28, 2003 12:00 PM
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