July 18, 2002
Cool Shift Interview With R.U. Sirius

--One of the earliest adopters of cyberculture, the co-founder of Mondo 2000 has drifted away from tech-chic. Klint Finley asks him about then and now.

S: To change the subject somewhat, where do we stand on the war on drugs right now? Is it more or less important than it was, say, two years ago?

RU: Itís all sort of integrated into the war on terror, and thereís a lot of complex connections there. Itís amazing that itís all happening in Afghanistan, which is sort of a nexus for the drug underground and also turns out to be the nexus for Al Quaeda and the place where America wants to build an oil pipeline and the place where we have our troops and bombs. And all those things converge. Narcopolitics, as much as class, is at the center of politics in our time. I donít think any of that has changed. You also see this integration in Columbia where theyíre fighting over drugs and theyíre also fighting against leftists and theyíre fighting for their oil interests -- itís still rather the same story. On the positive side of course, Europeans almost uniformly are liberalizing drug laws. I donít know how things are in Canada... I think Vancouver is pretty liberal.

S: Do you think thereís a potential use for psychedelics in psychotherapy?

RU: Yeah, Iíve always thought it was a useful tool. The great thing about having a guide, rather than doing it on your own or in a party, is that it grants permission to take a pretty walloping, great massive dose and go through changes without having to worry about what kind of incursions might occur during the trip. I think if it could be approved for psychotherapy, that would be a tremendous step in the right direction. Thereís basically two schools of thought on ending the drug war. One is the libertarian point of view, which is that it should be legalized because itís a cognitive liberty, a matter of personal choice. And then thereís the attempt to medicalize the situation... harm reduction and so forth. And while I agree with the libertarian view on that, I think medicalization is more likely to be allowed.

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