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August 06, 2002
Update On the Jon Johansen Trial

Jon Johansen's trial has been rescheduled to December 9, 2002 so that a technically-savvy judge can be located for the trial (hey! there's an idea :-)

Read more about it (along with a note frooom Jon explaining that he didn't even write the particular piece of code in question on

Here's the EFF's Jon Johansen Information Website for more information about the details of the case.

clip from referenced article:

Date Set For Jon Johansen DVD Trial
posted by mpawlo on Tuesday August 06, @08:39AM
from the your-code-is-mine dept.
The Norweigan "Byrett" (district court) will try the Jon Johansen DVD case on December 9, 2002. The trial was supposed to take place this summer, but the court decided to postpone the trial to find a technology savvy judge. The case will be tried by one judge and a panel of two lay assessors.

Jon Johansen is being prosecuted by the Norwegian Economic Crime Unit (OKOKRIM) under Norwegian Criminal Code 145(2). Johansen created DeCSS software that can enable DVD playback on Linux. It is argued that the DeCSS software is a piracy tool.

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