Internet Archive Bookmobile
September 21, 2002
Introducing the Internet Archive Bookmobile I've been working with Brewster Khale over the past few weeks setting up an Internet Bookmobile. What is an Internet Bookmobile, you may ask? It's a Ford Aerostar with a satellite dish on top and a wireless network, laptops, a printer and a book binder inside of it that will be bringing 10,000 public domain books to the world-at-large. Once a public domain book is selected, it can be printed and bound and taken home. Brewster and his family will be driving across country the first week of October on their way to the Eldred argument in front of the Supreme Court on October 9th. The goal is to demonstrate the value of the public domain in action. The Public Domain is on Trial! Here's the official website where you can find out more information. There's also a kick-off party happening this Friday evening in San Francisco that you might want to attend. Posted by Lisa at September 21, 2002 05:09 PM
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