Adventures in Hacktivism
September 27, 2002
I'll Be Your Human Peace-letter Faxing Service

This is an experiment...

If you email me at with your full name and snail mail address (or even just your name and zip code) with "FAX A LETTER FOR ME PLEASE" in the subject header, I'll look up your Representative for you and FAX him or her the appropriate letter, depending on whether or not they already support HR 473.

Re: The obvious question -- can you trust me to not use this information in some way other than intended?

How about this: I will permanently delete your email (without saving your address anywhere) and will literally burn the letter I've faxed over for you in my fireplace afterwards. This will be the default procedure unless you explicitly say not to do so in your email. (It's just easier that way.)

I'm just trying to help out those folks who might not have a FAX machine handy, who would still like for their voices to be heard by their Representatives (but don't want to end up on some mailing list either).


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