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October 01, 2002
No Word Yet On Any Of These Bills...

Watching the House in action is pretty funny. They are doing one minute speeches.

One Rep has been introducing a Reverend and his family for the last full minute, for instance. This next one is explaining how a particular company has progressive health care policies (ah, back to issues of governmental concern...) Now another Rep is talking about what a big fat liar Saddam is (fair enough). Now another one is talking about a church again (what is it with that? what do these churches have to do with running our country?) "God has truly blessed the _______ Congregation..." (so what? let's get back to healthcare and the war...)

Now they're looking at a Mosquito Control Bill. Wow, cases of West Nile Virus have gone up 160% in the last year. Over 2,400 cases across the us and over 100 deaths. Holy moly! Better pass that sucker...

Yeah I've actually been meaning to write about the Mosquito Invasion of this country for a while, actually. But there's not a whole lot people can do besides try to keep the little buggers away and have treatment facilities ready. (Oh yeah, and spray the hell out of everything -- which I have mixed feelings about.)

But I digress -- No word on the Peace Bill or the Internet Radio Fairness Act :-)

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