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October 01, 2002
Leahy Withdraws Support for Anti-Rave Bill

Great news! Senator Leahy has dropped his support for the RAVE Bill.

I'm trying to find a reference online that confirms this, but what I heard through the grapevine was that he admitted he just hadn't read it completely.

I think it's great that he could just admit he made a mistake, withdraw his support and move on. Thanks, Senator Leahy. (Wish list -- I'm going to send him a "thank you" email (even though I'm not one of his constituents :-)

Here is the full text of the page in case the link goes bad:

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Senator Leahy has dropped his support for the RAVE Act.

A letter from Bill Piper of the Drug Policy Alliance

Please consider writing him a thank you note. We especially need people from Vermont to send thank you notes. We are calling for other co-sponsors - most notably Senator Durbin from Illinois - to drop their support. Any help you can be, will be much appreciated.

Special thanks to DanceSafe, SSDP, ACLU, CSDP, ROAR, Freedom to Dance, EM:DEF, Rock the Vote and all the other organizations that have provided us with crucial help. We truly appreciate it.

We're not out of the water yet, but we're getting closer. Let's keep the pressure on!

Bill Piper
Drug Policy Alliance


***Leahy Drops Support for RAVE Act
***Please Thank Him and Urge Other Co-Sponsors to Follow His Lead

Senator Leahy has withdrawn his support for the RAVE Act and is no longer a co-sponsor of the bill. This is the best news so far in the Drug Policy Alliance's national campaign to stop the RAVE Act. As Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, loss of his support is an encouraging sign that our legislators are beginning to understand that the RAVE Act is too broad. By no longer supporting the bill, Senator Leahy has taken a stand in support of public health, safety and free speech, and he should be commended for doing so.

Please send Senator Leahy a letter thanking him for no longer supporting the RAVE Act. It is very important that Senators be thanked when they do the right thing.

We urge every voter to write Senator Leahy regardless of where they live, but we especially urge Vermont residents and membership organizations with members in Vermont to contact Leahy.

Additionally, if you live in Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, South Carolina, or Utah, we really need your help. See below, to find out more.

Opposition to the RAVE Act is growing, but we haven't defeated it yet. Supporters of the RAVE Act will redouble their efforts to pass it - we need to redouble our efforts to defeat it.


** Send a letter to Senator Leahy thanking him for no longer being a co-sponsor of S. 2633, the RAVE Act. Thank him for supporting free speech, civil liberties, and public health.


The Honorable Patrick Leahy
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510
** If you live in Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, South Carolina, or Utah, please call your Senator and ask him to follow Senator Leahy's lead and stop supporting the RAVE Act. Let them know that that the RAVE Act goes too far and that it's too threatening to free speech, property rights, and public health.

Connecticut Voters: Call Senator Joseph Lieberman at 202-224-4041
Iowa Voters: Call Senator Charles Grassley at 202-224-3744
Illinois Voters: Call Senator Richard Durbin at 202-224-2152
South Carolina: Call Senator Strom Thurmond at 202-224-5972
Utah: Call Senator Orrin Hatch at 202-224-5251

Contact Us! 510-834-7500
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