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October 07, 2002
In a plane all day...

Drat! I didn't get much of the stuff from the Senate transcribed over the weekend due to my having to get ready to fly to Washington DC today for Wednesday's Eldred argument.

Just know that on Friday in the House and Senate in particular there was a lot of talk about accountability to the people -- about how questions about this War have not been answered to the members of the House and Senate's satisfaction and therefore not to the people's satisfaction -- and that many of the committees put together to discuss and decide on some of the most critical issues surrounding the exact details of the situation still have not yet been provided with the information promised to them by the Defense and Intelligence Agencies that were assigned to the task.

There was also a strong urgency from the Senate to at least wait until we could invade with a proper international coalition. Also we would be going against the advice of a number of our own War experts if we invade now.

Damn I wish I had time to transcribe a bit more of the tape. I'm bringing it with me, maybe there's a library or something somewhere I can use this week...

I'll fish around for links online backing this stuff up, once I'm back online this evening.

Bush is going to come on television tonight and try to scare you into believing in this War. Don't be fooled.

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