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November 05, 2002
In San Francisco: Yes on O (No on N)

After much research, I've decided that Proposition "O" is better than "N"...

If you have to vote yes on "N" (please don't), at least vote yes on "O" too to keep "N" in check...

So I've spent a fair amount of time researching Proposition N and Proposition O over the last month or so, and this is what I've decided:

NO on Proposition N: Prop N, the "Care not Cash" initiative, proposes to take General Assistance Recipients' $350 a month away in exchange for only $59 a month and "services."
It says nothing about exactly these "services" would be supplied in exchange for taking the money away. (Hey, I just found out today that the ACLU of Northern California has taken a stand against Prop N too...)

Yes on Proposition O: This proposition has no immediate effect on the current cash general assitance benefits. It leaves them alone and instead, requires the city to develop more low-income housing and drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Here's the language straight out of the PDF file:

(1) requires the City to develop 1,000 units of housing
for formerly homeless residents and 700 new drug and alcohol
treatment slots, and requires the Departments of Human Services
and Public Health to submit plans and budgets to reduce
wait-lists for housing and supportive services;

(2) establishes a baseline
appropriation for housing and related services;

(3) establishes a City policy that the
State should be responsible for all treatment and care for people with mental
disabilities; and,

Here's more about Prop O (

Prop O also has language in it that would at least require some accountability regarding Prop N's "care" benefits that are provided in lieu of the usual "cash", should Prop N pass (currently Prop N is rather vague on what exactly the G.A. recipients would be receiving in exchange for the $300 a month that would be taken away froom them.)

Here's the language straight out of the same PDF file:

(4) limits any City program that provides in-kind services in lieu of cash to 180 days of shelter stay per recipient, with certain exceptions, including exceptions for homeless recipients of the County Adult Assistance Programs who have applications pending for the CalWORKS program or who are age sixty-five (65) or over;

(5) requires the provision of specified services to recipients of in-kind services in lieu
of cash; and,

(6) requires Controller certification regarding shelter and housing before
the implementation of a program of in-kind services to aid recipients.

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