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November 26, 2002
Become An Election Officer In Your Town

I went to the San Fransisco Department of Elections page to learn about volunteering to be an "Election Officer" (Poll Worker).

So I've decided that I'm going to volunteer to be an Election Officer here in San Francisco and that it would sure be great if you did the same in your town.

This way, we can all learn about the nuts and bolts of our country's elections together. Doesn't that sound like a blast! It sure won't be fun on my own, I'll tell you that much.

It's also going to take a lot of us on our toes in all fifty states if we're actually going to be able to make a difference in 2004 -- so working together on a little thing like this seems like a great starting point.

So far I've stumbled across and downloaded a Election Officer's Training Manual and an Application Form. More soon...

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