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December 26, 2002
MP3s of Speech from San Francisco Protest

Here are audio files of Farhan Memon, Legal Aide for the Bay Area Association of Muslim Lawyers -- from the protest last monday.

Farhan Memon explanation 1 (6 MB)

Farhan Memon explanation 2 (6 MB)

I'm finishing up some nice compressed versions of more footage from monday, with MP3s of everything to match, and I promise they will all be up by this time tomorrow.

Sorry for the hold up. I know that Indy Media and some other media affiliates are actually waiting for this footage (a dream come true for me to have this stuff redistributed through as many channels as possible) -- and I promise that I am putting the systems into place so that I can shoot footage of events like these and have the video and mp3s up on the web in hours rather than days so I can be of real use to the "real" media outlets. (That's what I'm here for -- to help you guys report on this stuff!)

So pardon me while I figure out my equipment and software and get my cataloging act together!

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