Immigrant Roundups
January 07, 2003
INS Detainee Protest Site Up Soon

I've been working on the web site for this week's INS Immigration Roundup Protests going on in various locations around the country all week. I've got more footage from the Dec 23 protest, footage from yesterday's protest, and footage from the SF protest everyday this week (This Friday, January 10, is the big day guys!)

Anyway, sorry for leaving my post here for a couple days. It's been *really* hard to wrap my head around this crazy stuff going on over at the agency-formerly-known-as-the-INS (now part of Homeland Security). It's hard to believe that poor planning and a series of administrative gaffs are the only excuses our government has for the incarceration and subsequent brutal treatment of thousands of people. But that's what's happening alright.

I've been assembling all of the information together and collecting it into a website that will hopefully help you to understand everything quickly -- so you can all do what you can to help. It's really important.

Okay -- Back in a flash! I've got an excellent Daily Show Interview with Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor of "The Nation", I'll be uploading in a second to tide you over until I can get the other stuff up later this morning.


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