Camping Out At Eldred
January 16, 2003
A Walk Down Memory Lane With My Eldred Movies

Perhaps you haven't seen my movies from Camping Out In Front Of Eldred yet.

There's a comprehensive video/article in the works, but I don't mind you peeking at the usable footage. (Yes it was too dark -- I had to lighten it up in Premiere. Yes it's one of the first films after taking a nearly ten year hiatus and yes, you can really tell.)

And yes, I am still pretty upset about the whole thing. But we gave it our best shot, right? And because of this, I know that I will feel just a little bit better when I'm explaining to the children of the future about what happened because I'll be able to tell them truthfully that we didn't go down without a fight.

It will be just like when I'm trying to explain to them about a world that used to exist before the soon-to-be-state-of-perpetual War. It will feel better than if I had done nothing and had to explain how we all just rolled over and let our country be stolen away from us from a man who was never elected.

I will be able to say proudly that we fought very hard to stop it from happening -- and I think it will feel better. Then.

I don't feel so good now though -- about either situation.

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