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January 23, 2003
Update On Various Info You Might Be Waiting For

So yeah I'm still pissed off about the Eldred decision , but the style of this weblog is really more of a technical and design issue for me to iron out over the next few days.

I'll be upset about the Eldred decision for at least the next 18 years (until things start going into the public domain again -- and that's if we're lucky and more extensions haven't been passed by Congress before then).

I've decided to upgrade a number of things about my style and templates while I'm at it.

I'll also be updating the video index over the next few days (which doesn't deserve to be linked to at this point, being so out of date.)

Sorry for the delay - but I will be putting together a single page on my peace site devoted to last Saturday's protest.

I'll also be updating my INS Detainee Protest site with updates from the last week of special registrations.

(Note: All this after I do some "real" work and pay a few bills updating things over at the Resource Guide...)

I'm also very serious about making a movie about how many people were present at last weekend's protest. I need a group of about 50 people to do it right (because there were at least that many people across Market Street at Embarcadero for 3-4 hours. I just want to show the photographic evidence, and have fifty people saying they were there and everything's on the level, etc. So we can come up with a figure that at least most reasonable people can be happy with. Email me at if you're interested in participating or in filming the activity yourself when I put it together for your own website, film or tv program.

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