February 26, 2003
A Blogistan Birth In Real Time

My friend Quinn is having a baby (like, as we speak) and blogging about it online, as it happens. (Yes, they're having the baby at home.)

It's just a webpage, so you have to manually reload it to see the updates, but they're steady...

9:37pm. We're looking after Quinn's backache (it's a posterior-facing baby for now, so backache is par for the course). "Birth would be fine if it wasn't for the contractions". [danny]

9:51pm. Note to Heather: back births suck.

10:22pm. The hormones have her shivering, and freezing cold. Thank god for lots and lots of blankets. [ gilbert ]

10:35pm. can i have a shower?

10:41pm. six centimeters-plus dilation. this is a good thing.

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