March 07, 2003
A Ton Of Stuff Going Up Today

So I was planning on being on a plane all day today, but I decided to wait a day and rest up a bit before this week's SXSW Conference in Austin, TX.

I didn't get into the Music Showcase as I had hoped, but I'll still be there all week and I'm going to bring my guitar just in case any of you with gigs feel like letting a girl with a guitar sing a quick 3 minute song or two before your set. (Or perhaps in the middle of your party -- I only have two songs so I can't take it over -- and I need zero preparation or set-up -- just let me sit down somewhere with the guitar.)

Shoot me an email if you're interested:

Attention: Speakers and bands. I've got my camera and a relatively flexible roaming schedule. There's no reason why I couldn't roam over you're way if you'd appreciate some footage of your work. Just drop me a line.

Okay so what's in the kitty for today: Raving at the Feb 16 march, The Daily Show takes a look at the Shrub's "Faith-based Aid", Pelosi finally speaks up (a little), and Colin Powell continues to say close to nothing at all...

Plus some clips of the Senate arguing about the war and addressing the issue of the potential future (or lack thereof) of a Kurdish nation under American rule.

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