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March 07, 2003
Cory Doctorow On Art and Knowledge Outlasting File Formats

Here's Cory answering a question from the audience about file formats and longevity:

"I think that, in general, promiscuity is a better longevity strategy than longevity itself. I think having one copy that's armor-plated is a less effective strategy for having your work last than having a bizillion copies." -- Cory Doctorow.

Audio - Cory Q and A (Lo-res 3 MB)
Cory Q and A - ALL (Hi-res 74 MB)
Cory Q and A - ALL (Lo-res 32 MB)
Cory Q and A - Part 1 of 2 (Lo-res 18 MB)
Cory Q and A - Part 2 of 2 (Lo-res 14 MB)

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