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April 09, 2003
A Scene From The Past To Prove That Nothing Has Really Changed

This is a scene from an old mid-1970's episode of "The Rockford Files" (feel free to help me with any details on this episode. I'm happy to update this posting.)

For those of you who aren't familiar with the show. Jim Rockford is a private investigator (James Garner) that will often drive around and question people for his different clients. He often poses as an Insurance Agent or Gov Official or something (usually with a fake business card and everything) in order to keep his cover.

In this scene, his "client" is actually his own father, because Jim has learned that his dad owned some old claims to some oil wells (er something) that were thought to be worthless before and now, what do ya know, might not be. (This is actually a common thread of western movies/tv shows as far back as I can remember.)

So Jim goes out, in good faith (he's an ex-cop and an ex-con, but he's still a relatively honest guy), to find out who else has a claim on the land (along with his dad) and to verify if his dad's claim is even any good, so he can decide what to do from there.

I'm just guessing (I didn't see the whole episode), but from what I know about the Rockford Files (I grew up watching them because my mom was a big fan), sometime soon after this scene, someone starts threatening or making attempts on his dad's life, forcing Jim to actually get to the bottom of whatever's going on, rather than just find out what him and his dad need to know.

With that, I'll just let the clip speak for itself. I imagine it will mean different things to different people, and that's kind of the point.


Rockford Files On Wars Over Oil (Small - 7 MB)
Rockford Files On Wars Over Oil (Hi-res- 95 MB)
Jim Rockford (James Garner)

Don't know this guy's name...

Bomb Shelter

Posted by Lisa at April 09, 2003 12:40 PM | TrackBack
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Hmmm interesting!

Now if we can only find a clip about an intern, a cigar, the Rose Law firm, and lying to Congress...

Posted by: Why bother on April 9, 2003 08:48 PM

the old crank is the character actor John Anderson(1922-1992). You can find more about him at the website "great character actors". Interesting gentleman.

Posted by: ron on April 23, 2003 06:11 PM
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