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April 21, 2003
More On Madonna's Removing Her Video From U.S. Distribution - Courtesy Of The Daily Show

The thing I don't get is, if it's so potentially offensive, why not pull it from international distribution? Are Americans the only ones who might be offended?

(It didn't sound very offensive anyway, from Stewart's description of it.)

The Ex-Queen Of Controversy Gets Material (Small - 4 MB)
The Ex-Queen Of Controversy Gets Material (Hi-Res - 57 MB)

Open Letter to Madonna,

What happened Madonna? Were you pressured into this? Are there things going on we'll never get a chance to understand? Well maybe so. But on the outside, it sure looks like you cracked under the pressure. You censored yourself.

Somehow, you were able to express yourself just a few months ago in a certain way, and now, for whatever reason, you don't feel comfortable doing so.

How sad indeed. How completely sad that artists no longer feel like they can express themselves in the U.S. without worrying about the backlash.

I hope you can talk about the experience publicly someday so we can all learn from it.


Lisa Rein

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