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May 19, 2003
Shrub Pulls A Bait And Switch On The World Health Organization's Anti-tobacco Treaty

This just in from the Daily Show:

...the U.S. has told the World Health Organization it will not sign a groundbreaking treaty to curb global tobacco use, a treaty negotiated by 171 countries. The U.S. will only sign the treaty, and this is true, if a clause is added allowing us to opt-out of any part of the treaty at any time. It's the latest twist of theh Bush Administration's practice of only signing International Treaties ironically.

So to sum up, America's current even handed stance on international relations is "we do what we want, you do what we want."

A policy encapsulated on Airforce One's latest novelty bumpersticker "How's my diplomacy? Call 1-800-EAT SHIT."

Tobacco Shrub - Anti-tobacco Treaty Bait and Switch (Small - 3 MB)
Tobacco Shrub - Anti-tobacco Treaty Bait and Switch (Hi-Res - 34 MB)

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