Women's Rights
June 04, 2003
A Woman's Right To Choose Is Getting Kicked Around In Congress - Right Now

These clips were from the live CSPAN feed less than an hour ago.

The Repubs are trying to pass legislation banning "partial birth abortions," a term that doesn't even have any meaning in the medical profession. (The Repubs made it vague on purpose so that its meaning could be interpreted later, and could potentially apply to procedures it was not originally intended for.)

Here are some short video clips from some of the Democrats fighting for our right to choose that I thought provided some simple, concise explanations about what this legislation tries to do exactly and why it is unconstitutional on so many different levels.
Rep. Nita Lowey - NY (Small - 4 MB)

Rep. Jerrold Nadler - NY (Small 5 MB)

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Me A to Z (A Work In Progress)

WOMEN ARE STUPID!!! its not YOUR body you're killing ....its called a baby...man, you guys are thick, thats why we get paid less than men and thats why women will always ALWAYS be BELOW men...grow a brain.
if i have a baby and lets say its 3 years old and all of a sudden financially i'm not doing well anymore and my husband or boyfriend just up and leaves, does that give me the right to just kill my baby? NO. but you want to know whats freakin scary?? There are women out there that DO kill their babies out of the womb...and get supported! WHAT IS WRONG WITH WOMEN?! UGH and why am i affiliated with such freakin idiots?This is WHY you guys are always going to below men. SHUT UP its not freakin 1960...god you guys have WAY too many rights now. quit your bitchin and know your role...i'm sick of this bs.
-melissa williams
seattle washington
man...i hate feminists...it makes me ashamed of being a woman.

i really couldnt care less if a dumb girl went and got her baby pulled out of her in a dirty way with hangers or whatever. She's obviously stupid...

sorry, but dont give me the ####, "What if she was raped??" K, this is what i have to say to that. First of all, do your research because only 2 percent of abortions are done because of rape victims.

Second, you have 72 hours to intercept the sperm from fertilizing the egg, and third, most women that are raped (And this is a fact) are raped by someone they know, and usually its younger girls who are drunk at a party or something...no offense to those of you who have seriously been raped by someone you didnt know or not because of being drunk, but girls give REAL rape victims a bad rap.

There are so many girls who lie its hard to believe them, and there are a lot of girls who were asking for it. And also, real rape...most likely you wont survive.
Sorry, you cant tell me there isnt. I'm 19 years old, a girl and go out to a LOT of parties and clubs...i think i would know.
So dont feel so bad.

Also, i've been to planned parenthood for several reports i've done, and i've SEEN girls using abortions as a FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL.
I'm 19...i know the majority of girls getting the procedure...and i dont condone it. and MAYBE if people like you even had a CLUE, you would see that its not something to support to the extent that you are going. girls are sluts these days. its sad but true. maybe we should try teaching them to keep their legs closed first...and then the different methods on how to kill THEIR MISTAKE...man...girls are pathetic i swear. The only thing you're good for its cooking and cleaning and taking care of babies anyways, and the way you're talking about it just proves it. SHUT UP AND QUIT YOUR BITCHING...ugh butches.

Posted by: Melissa Williams on October 1, 2004 10:03 AM
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