Law And Technology Of DRM 2003
June 10, 2003
Lawrence Lessig At Law And Technology Of DRM 2003

Larry explains why he feels we need to reframe the problem of DRM because a lot of really smart people have been working on it "forever" to no avail. He talks about the three kinds of copyright holders out there: those who want "none" "some" or "all" of their rights protected and the different ways in which Creative Commons addresses the needs of the "somes" and "nones" that have been virtually ignored up until now.

He also talks a bit about the Eldred case.

Lawrence Lessig - Part 1 of 2 (Small - 16 MB)
Lawrence Lessig - Part 2 of 2 (Small - 15 MB)

Lawrence Lessig - Complete (Small - 31 MB)

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Audio - Lawrence Lessig - Complete (MP3 - 20 MB)

Here's a transcript.

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