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June 12, 2003
Daily Show - Colin Powell And Friends "Flooding The Zone"

This clip is also from June 9th and provides a great recap of the fast talking going on by the Repubs all day Sunday on the various major news networks regarding their WMD lies. Stewart has edited in a little footage from one of Colin Powell's WMD speeches, just so we can all refresh our memory about what was said.

I'm also about to post some footage of my own that I was able to dig up from the weeks before the Shrub War that should help to refresh our memories a bit :-)

"The Republicans, for the first time in this Administration, are on the defensive. Their tactic can be best described as "flooding the zone."

The Repubs Flood The Zone (Small - 7 MB)
The Repubs Flood The Zone (Hi-Res - 96 MB)

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