Adventures In Hacktivism - June 13, 2003
June 17, 2003
Video and Audio Of Riva Enteen, Program Director, National Lawyers Guild At Friday's Protest

This footage is from the protest in front of the INS building that took place from noon to 1pm at 444 Washington Street in San Francisco on June 13, 2003.

Speaker: Riva Enteen, Program Director
Organization: National Lawyers Guild

NLG's Post 911 "Know Your Rights" Website

Riva Enteen in San Francisco (Small - 11 MB)
Audio - Riva Enteen in San Francisco (MP3 - 3 MB)

Riva Enteen, Program Director, National Lawyers Guild

(Excerpt) I remember when the U.S. Supreme Court acknowledged the Japanese Internment as one of the most shameful moments in history...

But today, as we stand here, were looking at people who voluntarily went in to special register, and now 13,000 of them are facing deportation...

Patriot II says even U.S. born citizens can be deported. We shall not let this entire constitutional framework of this country be torn up before our eyes!

Now the NLG has a hotline for people contacted by the FBI or the INS as a result of 911, and it's important that everyone knows that nobody has to talk to any governement agent, and they should call the guild for an attorney. Now we had some people, Iraqis, when they were questioned, they were contacted six times in one day by the FBI. And one man, six times in one day, said "No, I can't talk to you until I talk to my attorney." Don't to talk to any government agent until you talk to an attorney.

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