June 26, 2003
Why I'm Giving The Other Underdogs Their Say

Although I have already made my endorsement for Howard Dean for President, you'll notice that I'll be posting video from all of the candidates over the days and weeks to come.

That's because I didn't want to be a party to the typical Media Monopoly practice of not giving the other candidates any time. In the TV and Cable "airwaves," you can bet that we're going to be seeing a lot of the Shrub and no one but the Shrub because he's the only one who can pay for all the time he wants.

I also didn't want to be the "all Dean and only Dean all the time" channel or anything -- I'm already worried about alienating those of you haven't made up your mind yet -- and you're the people I most want to reach!

So I won't say I'm going to be giving them all "equal time," because that means I'll have to get my calculator out to keep things even. I also plan on collecting all the great things Howard Dean has said and done in one category -- and he's done a lot of great things in the past and he keeps saying great things about what he'd do in the future -- so I'm pretty sure there will still be more Dean here than anything else.

However, a friend of mine reminded me earlier this week (as she was checking "none of the above" on her MoveOn Primary Ballot) that it's important to keep the debate going on these issues in order to make the public aware of them -- and to not just get behind one candidate early and let the issues take a backseat to the campaign.

So, although I still feel that Dean is the obvious choice at this point, and so much more than the other candidates I just had to say something, I do agree with her point about keeping up the debate on these so very important issues.

That means I'll be covering all of the candidates to a certain extent -- should one (or all) of them say something worthy (or damning) that I feel the public needs to hear.

That means that on my little media monopoly, we'll be hearing from all of the Democratic candidates.

I just felt compelled to explain my strategy a bit here.

Peace y'all.

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