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June 26, 2003
Howard Dean On The Supreme Court's Decision To Overturns Texas Anti-Sodomy Law

Yippie Kai-yay! Consenting adults are allowed to have sex however they want in the privacy of their own homes!

It almost seems like we're living in a democracy in the 21st Century!

And Howard Dean steps up to the plate to make a statement on the subject:

Statement on Supreme Court's Decision on Lawrence vs. Texas

WASHINGTON, DC I applaud the Supreme Court ruling in the case of Lawrence v. Texas overturning the Texas anti-sodomy law. This decision marks a significant advance toward achieving equal rights for all Americans. For too long, laws like this have divided us by race, by gender and by sexual orientation. As a Governor who worked hard to protect the rights of gay and lesbian couples, I am extremely pleased with the Supreme Court's ruling.

"Every American, regardless of sexual orientation, should be afforded the right to privacy. The Texas anti-sodomy law was nothing less than government-sanctioned intolerance and discrimination. The fact that President Bush defended the law while he was Governor shows that he is not the uniter he claims to be.

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