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July 01, 2003
Day 5: First Book Printed!

This just in from Ashley:

Date: 6/30
Time: 7:22 pm

We made a book! It's an Arabic book entitled "Wonderful Water" (water being very wonderful when it's 110 degrees out). So, the stationary unit is now functional and will be operational tomorrow once the security team is satisfied that it can't print counterfeit bills. (And it definitely cannot.)

We checked out some vans today and saw these little Suzuki vehicles that would work really well for an Egypt Bookie. They're pretty cheap too-- abuot $8,000 new. All we need now is a willing, benevolent, wealthy person to put up the cash. We also snuck in a little sightseeing since our driver, Mohammed, who's actually a higher-up in the admin. department wanted us to eat Egyptian ice cream (*really* good) at the Citadel-- the Western-most point of the city). Fun.

Tomorrow's off to Cairo for a meeting with the director of an NGO and some pyramidal sightseeing (I hope). Then back to Alex to make some more books and hopefully get rolling with the mobile unit.

Sorry for no pics today, I've got to run to a dinner appt.

Ashley in Egypt

Photo Below: This is Mohammed and me at Alexandria's Citadel--the point where the Lighthouse of Pharos (one of the ancient wonders of the world) used to stand. This was after a day of scoping out vehicles for the Library's Bookmobile.

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