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July 21, 2003
Day 12 - Ashley And Friends Head Home: Hell On Wings On British Airways

Another Successful Bookmobile Voyage!

Day 12

We left Egypt today, boarding a flight which turned out to be a complete nightmare. As I put it: hell on wings, British Airways flight.

The plane sitting on the ground (without air or ventilation) was so hot that Tessa passed out. Very bad. We also got rerouted: instead of flying Cairo->London->SFO we were informed at the airport that we would be going Cairo->Marseiles->London->LA->SFO, which, after losing cabin pressure midair became Cairo->Rome->London(overnite in London)->Chicago (change airlines)->SFO. And, yes, they lost our baggage.

But we're still alive!

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some other folks have also had interesting BA experiences:

Posted by: Jeff Suttor on July 21, 2003 03:29 PM
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