July 23, 2003
Illegal Art Film Festival Today And Tomorrow At The Roxie

Here are all the details from my earlier post, for all of the film titles and such.

I'll be there from 2pm on. There's a new movie/collection of movies being shown every two hours, and they're all cool. So just come down whenever you can make it.

Today's guest speakers include:

Lawrence Lessig introducing "Willfull Infringement" at 6pm, and answering questions afterwards.

Rick Prelinger, Members of Paul Harvey Oswald, and Brian Boyce will be introducing a bunch of shorts at 2pm.

Craig Baldwin and Don Joyce will introduce "Gimmie the Mermaid" and "Sonic Outlaws" films at 4pm.

Price: $5 sliding scale. Whatever you can contribute is great -- the money goes to the artists.

Directions and Important Parking Info:
The Roxie is at 3117 16th St., at the corner of Valencia St.

The 16th Street Bart Station is a block from the Theatre. (A very short block.)

All the meters are only an hour in that neighborhood, and in the evening parking's next to impossible on the street, so you'll want to just hit the parking lot inbetween Mission and Valencia and 16th and 17th Street, (in a little alley). It's right next to the theatre, and not too overpriced.

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