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August 03, 2003
Brian Williams On The Daily Show

Here's an interview with NBC News Anchor Brian Williams - The guy in line to replace Tom Brokaw on the NBC Nightly News after the 2004 Presidential Election Coverage.

Brian and Jon have a pretty interesting discussion about journalists and whether or not they "should" let people know about their own biases.

Brian says that he is a registered Independent and claims that he doesn't even tell his kids or his wife how he votes so that they all have plausible deniability when they say they don't know how he votes. He claims the Washington Post tells their reporters not to vote. I'm not sure how he knows this or how this could be verified, but I certainly wouldn't work for a paper who told me not to vote, and I kind of doubt many of the journalists I read in the Washington Post would either. So I'm not really sure what he actually meant by all of that.

Anyway it's an interesting interview.

Brian Williams On The Daily Show
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