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August 05, 2003
Lou Katz, Cindy Cohn, Craig Newmark And A Ton O' Spam Tech Vendors At The Hillside Club's CyberSalon On Spam

Jeff Ubois and Sylvia Paull put together a CyberSalon On Spam June 15, 2003 at Berkeley's Hillside Club. Craig and Cindy's presentations and the discussion that follows is of particular interest.

Lou Katz On Spam
(Small - 27 MB)

Craig Newmark On Spam
(Small - 16 MB)

The EFF's Cindy Cohn On Spam
(Small - 16 MB)

Follow up w/Craig and Cindy
(Small - 7 MB)

Spam Filter Vendor Talks:

IronPort On Spam
(Small - 24 MB)

Enrique Salem, CEO of Brightmail, On Spam
(Small - 20 MB)

Pavri Diwariji from MailFrontier, On Spam
(Small - 9 MB)

Jordan Ritter of Cloudmark, On Spam
(Small - 10 MB)

Doug McLean of Postini, On Spam
(Small - 12 MB)

Lou Katz (below)

Craig Newmark (below)

Cindy Cohn, EFF (below)

Craig Newmark, Cindy Cohn (below)

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