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August 14, 2003
Daily Show On Kobe Bryant Media Frenzy

This is from the August 6, 2003 program.

Daily Show On Media Covering Itself Covering Kobe's Case
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The Daily Show
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Posted by Lisa at August 14, 2003 07:45 PM | TrackBack
Me A to Z (A Work In Progress)

Who the fuck are you? Peace a chance, without war there would be no peace.All the Middle East is doing now is proving to the rest of the world we would be better off without it.There are evil people in this worl, we have to face those facts, but theres also good people who wont just stand back and let people die because they cant do anything about it.I know people die everyday in America from starvation and such, but this is America, if ya cant make it here, you cant make it anywhere.So put down your signs,cause half of you dont even know what your protesting in the first place and show some class.Cause not doing anyhting but bitchin about war doesnt save innocent life, only lets those who should be allowed to breathe the same air we do live.

Posted by: jared on August 19, 2003 03:49 PM
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