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September 11, 2003
Remembering Another September 11

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Bobby Lilly

A friend of mine sent this message to me today 9/11/03. It a poignant reminder of a history too many of us would rather forget or at least refuse to accept the lessons that it should teach us. His message is something we NEED to think about and hopefully remember the in years to come. I asked him if it was ok to post it for everyone on Lisa's Blog and if he wanted it attributed to him

He wrote back saying, "you have my full permission to make whatever use you deem appropriate. the e-mail address should work well then people would not only know who to blame but how to respond." -- Neil.

So, here's how to reach him, if you want:

Remembering September 11

One minute a beautiful building was there and the next it was destroyed by terrorists. The building was the symbol of an entire nation and the act of terrorism led to the death of more than 3,000 people. It all started on September 11th.

I'm talking, of course, about the bombing of Chile's White House (La Moneda) on 9/11/73 which marked the start of a bloody coup led by General Pinochet and backed by Nixon's CIA. Eager to get rid of a popularly elected socialist (Allende) our government assisted in the planning of the coup and looked the other way while a military dictatorship killed many of its own people.

While we bask in the righteous indignation that allows us to invade and conquer other countries based on suspicion that they might have helped terrorists strike at us let's not forget our own place in the history of this date.

And each time some politician repeats the words 'may we never forget' with reference to this date let's hope that there are a few people who manage to remember 9/11/73 as well.

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