September 12, 2003
A lot of links...little commentary today

So this is your warning ahead of time that today's going to be one of those "slinging hash" kind of days. Grad school is kicking in and if I don't catch up today, I'm not going to.

It also seems kind of stupid for me to go through all the trouble of capturing video and making movies out of it and uploading it and then forgetting to link to it on my archive, which is what I've been doing a lot of lately. So I need to link to that stuff and move on...

ALSO, I need your help. I've been working on my video index and it's actually starting to look like something useful. However, it's been really hard just sitting around and thinking about all the stuff that needs to be linked to from it, so I ask you: is your favorite video from my site on this list? If not, shoot me an email and remind me to put it in there. I'm adding links at the rate of about 10 a day. There are, of course, hundreds to go, because it's been a year now that I've been doing this. But that means that in a couple months, I might actually be up to date and to the point where you can see something on my blog and know that you can always just go to the index to look it up. (Like a real library!)

My email's (And I'm not afraid to put that on my site because I've got an awesome spam filter.) I like hearing from you anyway, and I've been getting a lot of great suggestions from you folks that will also be going up today.

Sorry for the hold up folks! Thanks for making this so much fun. You're the reason I do it, and it's been very gratifying lately.



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