California Gov Recall 2003
September 23, 2003
Coverage Of Yesterday's Recall Hearings In The 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals

If you're as much of a courtroom junkie as I am, you'll dig these clips from yesterday of Judge Alex Kozinski and Andrew J. Kleinfeld.
(A friend filled me in on who Kleinfeld was. I only recognized Alex Kozinski because he was at the moot court at the Spectrum Policy Conference last March.)

Clip #1 is from CNN's "Inside Politics" and contains Kozinski as he questions one of the lawyers.

Clip #2 is also from CNN's "Inside Politics" and contains analysis from a couple of the show's stock pundits.

Clip #3 is from CNN's "Crossfire" and includes footage of Kozinski and Andrew J. Kleinfeld as they question the lawyers.

These are all from September 23, 2003.

Clip #1: Justice Alex Kozinski on CNN's Inside Politics.

Justice Kozinski On CNN
(Small - 10 MB)

Clip #2: Pundit analysis of the CA Recall from CNN's Inside Politcs.

Inside Politics On The CA Recall
(Small - 14 MB)

Clip #3: Justices Kozinski and Kleinfeld questioning the lawyers.

9th Circuit Court Of Appeals On The CA Recall
(Small - 8 MB)

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