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October 17, 2003
New Track: Studio Version of Slipping Away (Slipping Away v. 2.0)

I just released a studio version of Slipping Away today. (Slipping Away v. 2.0.
Here's the scoop:

10/17/03 -- I just rediscoverd this track when I was in Seattle a few weeks ago doing the RetarDEAD themesong.

I'd forgotten how good this came out, and just kinda never got around to doing anything with it. Now that I've played it for people, I'm told it may be my best track ever. (Which reminded me to make it available to you.)

I'll be going back to Vagrant Records soon to cut some more tracks. This time with Ron by my side in the studio. I can't wait. (Even if Evan Foster did play the hell out of this song! Thanks, Evan!)

One of the great things about recording with Evan was that he could really pull these songs out of my head. I would say something like "Randy Rhoads tone" (not for this song, but for say Poltergeist, and he would just know what I meant, and play it perfectly. I was really great working with him, and I'm told it will never happen again, because he's about to be a rock star :-) So I feel especially lucky to have worked with him "when."

Anyway, hope you like it. Check it out.

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