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October 20, 2003
Remember To Skip Ticketmaster's "Print Your Own Ticket" Service

Better yet, skip Ticketmaster altogether, if you actually have a choice. But usually you don't. Here's the problem with printing your own tickets:

Ticketmaster gives you an option to print your own tickets on your home printer. It sounds good at first, but let me assure you, it's just another bait and switch from the "masters."

Not only does Ticketmaster charge you the same $8.00 service fee (despite the fact that it's managed to pass on the printing costs on to you and has managed to save itself all postage costs for the transaction), but it also sells large, full color ads on the full page "tickets" that you are required to print out completely (because the "ticket" itself is on the top part of the page, and its corresponding bar code is on the bottom part of the page). So your color ink cartridge takes big hit too.

Entrepreneurs of the world: please oh please overthrow the Ticketmaster regime. It truly sucks.

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