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October 23, 2003
The EFF Asks: Who Controls Your Computer?

The EFF released the following advisory a while ago. The concerns still stand.
Check it out.

EFF Reports on Trusted Computing

San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) on Thursday published a landmark report on trusted computing, a technology designed to improve security through hardware changes to the personal computer.

The report, entitled "Trusted Computing: Promise and Risk," maintains that computer owners themselves, rather than the companies that provide software and data for use on the computer, should retain control over the security measures installed on their computers. Any other approach, says the report's author Seth Schoen, carries the risk of anti-competitive behavior by which software providers may enforce "security measures" that prevent interoperability when using a competitor's software.

"Helping computer owners defend their computers against attacks is progress in computer security, but treating computer owners themselves as the bad guys is not," said Schoen. "Security architectures must be designed to put the computer owner's interests first, not to lock the owner into the plans of others."


For the full press release

EFF report: "Trusted Computing: Promise and Risk"

EFF companion commentary: "Meditations on Trusted Computing"

CNET story about the EFF report

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