Howard Dean For President In 2004
October 29, 2003
Change Of Time/Location For Howard Dean Rally Today

Hi guys!

Okay the rally has been changed to 4pm at Lafayette Park on the corner of Laguna and Clay.

Show up early to help out and get a free T-shirt!

Here's the message I just received:

Lafayette Park and volunteer meeting point will be Clay & Laguna Streets...

Sorry this is all so last minute folks.
The Rally tomorrow at 4:00 pm will be at LAFAYETE PARK at the corner of Laguna and Clay.
Any volunteers who can help I would appreciate it so much.

Sorry for all of the confusion, just problem with permits, satellite trucks, and so on.
This location will not change.
Any further help with promoting the rally would also be helpful, but we really need 20 or so folks to come and help with our advance team. Any one who can come early and volunteer will of course get a free T-shirt (like you all don't have one already!!)

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