November 06, 2003
Many Apol-poly-logies...

Sorry to be asleep at my post for the most part this week (except for my San Francisco pre-election coverage - which I'm guessing doesn't mean Jack to most of you, considering you're scattered out all over the world).

This week, my over-impacted schedule kind of bubbled over and burned me a bit -- I'm still about a week behind on everything, but at least I might actually be caught up in a week. (Which would be nice.)

While doing inventory, I realized that I'm about two weeks behind on my Daily Show clips -- yikes! There's some timely stuff in there too!

So I've decided to block out the rest of the afternoon to catch up on those.

I'm going to wait to capture tonight's Daily Show, and then I swear I'm going to send off my camera to be serviced. What does this matter to you? Well it means no new Daily Show clips for two weeks. (gasp!)

I can live through it if you can...

Alright, enough yappin and time to do some linkin...

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