SF Mayor Race 2004
December 06, 2003
Matt Gonzalez For SF Mayor!

Remember San Franciscans to get out there and vote this Tuesday!

Don't let scheduling or accessibility deter you from voting:

I just received a phone call from the Matt Gonzalez for SF Mayor campaign. They wanted me to let as many people know as I could about a couple of things.

Whoever you're voting for, this information might be useful to you:

1. If Tuesday is not a convenient day for you, you can also vote Sunday from 10-4pm, or Monday from 8-5 am at City Hall.

2. If you need any assitance to the polling place, or have basic questions about your polling place, etc., you can call 415-734-9340 ext 325, and they will assist you in getting to the polls or with basic information.

Every vote counts people!

This is a great opportunity to put San Francisco on a more progressive track.

Please do your best to get to the polls this Tuesday and Vote For Matt Gonzalez.

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