December 18, 2003
Attention: Job Available At NewsMonster For Linux and Java-experienced Search and Reputation System Programmer

My buddy Kevin Burton is having a hard time finding just the right programmer for his NewsMonster company.

I know you're out there, just waiting to hear about such a position, so I thought I would take a minute out from my blogging moratorium to let you know that your new job awaits!

Email Kevin at if you're interested.

Here's the conversation I just had with Kevin:

Kevin: We're still hiring. We're still trying to hire people.

Lisa: Who are you trying to hire?

Kevin: Well, we're trying to hire people with Linux and Java experience. Hopefully people that have *really* strong skills -- like PhD quality stuff. Knowledge of search experience, and knowledge of reputation systems. But they're just impossible to find. Even in this job market. If you're a smart person, you still get sucked up. So it's just impossible to find anyone. It's not impossible, but you just have to spend a lot of time looking.

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Me A to Z (A Work In Progress)

thanks :-)

Posted by: Kevin Burton on December 18, 2003 08:15 PM

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