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March 06, 2004
Bill Moyers On How The FBI And Local Police Have Been Spying On Protesters

This is from the March 5, 2004 program of Bill Moyers NOW.

Here's the directory where movies of the show are located. I have it as a complete "all" file and in three parts (title "1of3" etc.).

There's also a nice little history lesson which explains how, after J. Edgar Hoover infringed upon so many civil rights in the 50s and 60s, legislation was passed in the 70s (headed up by Walter Mondale) that restricted using undercover operations for the investigation of criminal activity.

Ashcroft re-wrote those rules after 911. It shows footage demonstrating that even Republicans like Representative James Sensenbrenner (Chair of the Judiciary Committee) say the new rules go too far in restricting our civil liberties.

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Me A to Z (A Work In Progress)

Hey, I saw this first hand last year in LA - I was at the Oscar-day anti-war protest down the street from where the Oscars were being put on and shot footage of a cop, first trying to shoot footage of me, but then got him shooting footage of everyone else.

Pigs have never been so clever... or, well, I guess they have been...

Posted by: ThePete on March 6, 2004 09:40 PM
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