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September 06, 2004
Daily Show Coverage Of The Republican National Convention-Day 1-Part 1

The Daily Show's coverage of the Republican National Convention was so awesome that I've decided to bring all of it to you in its entirety.

Every day will have a "repubconv-1,2,3," an interview labeled by name and other little bits, including some "Moments of Zen" and closing credits that were just too cool to not post.

Sean Bonner has been nice enough to mirror the clips for me, so we can all see them at once (hopefully).

These clips below are from the
August 31, 2004 program

The clip below highlights the 911 theme of the evening. McCain, Rudolph Guliani, and Michael Moore are all featured (when McCain mentions Moore by name in his speech).

911 Fest At the Repub Convention (Small - 6 MB)

Mirror of the above clip

Here's the complete clip of the Daily Show's opening bit of coverage that the 911 clip was excerpted from. (Small - 15 MB)

The Daily Show
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