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October 28, 2004
Bill Moyers On The 911 Commission Report

This is the September 10, 2004 program of Bill Moyers NOW!

911/For The Record (Parts 1-6)
(Files are 20-25 MB each)

This program is riveting from beginning to end. Moyers recounts the events of 911 in chronological order, using testimony, video footage, taped conversations, transcripts, etc.

He then reminds us what the report concludes: the Administration had been warned repeatedly by their own counterterrorism experts that Al Qaeda was determined to attack within the United States. (Richard Clark sent his first memo just five days after Bush's inauguration in January 2001.)

And yet the Shrub Administration did nothing to try to prevent it.

They did everything to use it to their advantage after it happened, however.
The Frontline episode on "Rumsfeld's War" I'm about to put up illustrates this fact nicely.

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