October 31, 2004
Bill Maher Reminds Us To Vote "Yes" On The Environment - Which Means "No" On Bush

This is from the October 29, 2004 program of "Real Time" on HBO.

Bill Maher Explaining Why You Should Vote for the Environmentally-friendly candidate!

(That means Kerry!)

Maher explains:

President Bush has quietly built up the worst environmental record of any president since Andrew Jackson stopped killing Indians by hand.

President Bush speaks constantly about how he's the guy to protect us. But what about protecting us from what's actually killing people right here, right now?

I don't know how the Environment got to be the lost issue of the 2004 Election, but may I suggest on Tuesday, instead of voting your pocket books, vote your lungs, vote your kidneys, vote your galbladder. Vote for the organs that are going to have to process all the toxic shit that is in the sky, the groundwater, the food supply and the pharmacy. Vote your grand kids' DNA.

Vote for a president who won't hand the job of protecting the environment over to former oil and lumber executives!

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