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November 02, 2004
Something Fishy's Going On In Ohio

First of all, there are 1,000s of people who, as of an hour or two ago, were still lined up waiting to vote. (People who had already vote were starting to bring refreshments to those still waiting in line.)

Then a friend just sent me an email reminding me about Walden "Wally" O'Dell. The chairman of the board and chief executive of Diebold - the company who manufacturers the electronic voting machines used in Ohio. He promised to deliver Ohio to Bush.

They better count every last vote this time around! In Ohio, and everywhere else. (Including all
Provisional Ballots

We can't let the Repubs use the existing buraucracy under their control to throw out millions of Democrat votes in the states where it suits them. (They've already done it again in Florida.)

Karl Rove will stop at nothing.

We have to stand up to them this time around. No quick forfeits.


For years, O'Dell has given generously to Republican candidates. Last September, he held a packed $1,000-per-head GOP fundraiser at his 10,800-square-foot mansion. He has been feted as a guest at President Bush's Texas ranch, joining a cadre of "Pioneers and Rangers" who have pledged to raise more than $100,000 for the Bush reelection campaign. Most memorably, O'Dell last fall penned a letter pledging his commitment "to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President.

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