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November 03, 2004
Damn. Kerry Conceeds.

I can't believe he gave up without a full investigation of yesterday's events, but CNN is saying that Kerry called Bush and conceeded, and will be making a speech today to officially do so at 1pm eastern.

I can't even imagine the horrible things that this President is going to do to hurt our own country and the rest of the world over these next four years.

Sure. Hilary will come save us in 2008, but what will be left of our country by then?

Well, I'm not convinced, actually. It's hard to believe that with a 70% voter turnout, the Shrub was able to squeak ahead. I think they cheated. Between the electronic voting machines, purge lists, and the various other illegal methods consistently employed by this administration, they've managed to pull another fast one on us.

It's up to all of us to continue to document whatever we can about the election -- while the trail is hot.

I'm not looking forward to what will inevitably be another four years of Election 2004 horror stories...trickling out little by little, with little or nothing that can be done about them when they finally surface.

I'm a bitter loser. But I'm a bitter loser with my eyes open.

We'll have to stick together more than ever over these next four miserable years. The Shrub will continue to attempt to drive us farther apart. We can't let him.

Also, for those of you with children of draft age, I'd suggest moving away to another country, and fast. Seriously.

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