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November 03, 2004
Reports Of Disenfranchisement Heard Yesterday On KPFA Radio

My pal Maura just emailed me this list she put together of voter disenfranchisement cases that were being covered yesterday on KPFA Radio, in Berkeley, CA.

After listening to them for a good part of the morning, she started writing some of them down. The reports continued into the afternoon, and so did her note taking.

When she told me about this list today, I asked her to email it over so I could tell you about it.

Maura's List:

people in minority communities recevied flyers saying
not to vote if they havent payed parking tickets or
child support cause they will be arrested.

madison, wi - flyers distributed saying if anyone in
your family has been convicted of a crime, youre not
allowed to vote. also, calls and doorhangers saying
"remember to vote nov 3rd"

ohio- people didnt receive absentee ballots. Some are
going to polls to get provisional ballot, on orders of
mr. blackwell, being denied provisional ballot saying
that they cannot use a provisional ballot.

restaining order eventually placed on polling
officials saying they cannot enforce mr. blackwell's order.

one woman, went to 3 polling places, had been trying
to vote since 6:30am this morning, finally voted at
2pm requesting a provisional ballot, said she wasnt
leaving until she received one, however, since she
didnt vote in her correct polling place, her ballot
too might be called in to question. this is happneing
all over.

florida -
people's names just arent on registrar's list, being
denied right to vote.

voters being told by election officials that their
provisional ballots wont be counted, therefore, why

south dakota:
republicans working for john thume writing down native
american license plates at polling places-intimidation
effort claimed to determine if
they're legal voters.

colorado -
one woman reported that she was called and told she
could vote early at a local baptist church. She went
there, voted, and was told today by her co-workers
that early voting ended last friday. what?

reports of automated calls telling voters they're
polling place had changes. they drove 20 miles across
town to find out that it wasnt true.

alameda county - electronic machines
breaking all over, error messages, one woman was
denied a paper ballot and given a provisional ballot.
this in our county, not even a swing state, think of
how many times this could have happened to those who
were ignorant.

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